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Last Customer Reviews

Fast shipping quality store
Grégoire Bonnet
From Goumoëns, Schaffhausen, Switzerland


A nice product according to the price.
Emmi Niva
From Rautjärvi, Northern Savonia, Finland


The product is nice ... very cute ..
Mathias Jørgensen
From Kongsvinger, Hovedstaden, Denmark


Attentive package, fast shipping
Rosalyn Griffin
From Sunderland, County Down, United Kingdom


It's just enough and a nice product
Mads Petersen
From Hirtsals, Sjælland, Denmark


I have received on-time i didn't have any trouble
Esperanza Muñoz
From Pamplona, Castilla y León, Spain

Product Description
  • Compatible with all device types.
  • High sound quality.
  • Has an internal microphone.
  • Are used with all phones.
  • The player is ideal for gamers.
  • With the elegant appearance you can use it where you wish.
  • Aux is input.
  • Kenar kısımları açılabilir istediğiniz boya getirebilirsiniz.

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