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Last Customer Reviews

Nice product thanks
Jacob Tremblay
From Trout Lake, New Brunswick, Canada


Good quality orginal product relevant seller
Erik Scheu
From Neubukow, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany


I think it's fine
Dean Bennett
From Townsville, Northern Territory, Australia


Cargo very distressed have not experienced other problems
Emma Thompson
From Palmerston North, Hawke'S Bay, New Zealand


A very relevant seller will now be my only address in electronic ...
Arron Matthews
From Truro, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


A store that can be advised
Julia Schmitt
From Roubaix, Eure, France

Product Description
  • Product Size: 56, 61, 5 mm .
  • Product size is 56.27,61.15,5.0 mm.
  • It is produced from organic plastic. It is harmless to nature and it can be easily recycled.
  • It is ideal gift for your partner.
  • You can use it as an accessory.
  • The package includes only plastic parts.
  • This product is specially produced for your order. The return is not legally acceptable.

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