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Last Customer Reviews

Product satisfaction.
Siddártha Barros
From Santa Rita, Amazonas, Brazil


The seller has made quite fast shipping.
Sofia Christensen
From St.Merløse, Sjælland, Denmark


Thanks. as we expected full
Connor Jensen
From Londonderry, County Armagh, United Kingdom


Tshes ............
Kenneth Torres
From Akron, South Carolina, United States


Very relevant tyrs also very fast and impulse shipping
Noémie Abraham
From Minto, New Brunswick, Canada


Thank you. the delivery speed is both very good and very good.
Dino Lambert
From Leutwil, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Product Description
  • Product Size: 43, 37, 30 mm .
  • You can set the angle as you want.
  • Has easy installation.
  • Easily portable.
  • With the elegant appearance you can use it where you wish.
  • Item usage is very simple in plug and run mode.

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